Your Homeowners Insurance Can Protect You From Identity Theft

By: William Forbes

It's unfortunate that more and more of us either know someone who has been the target of identity theft, or have experienced it firsthand. It seems every time I watch the news there is another warning about a new scam to steal your personal information, gain access to your money, or even hijack your house using Internet-connected devices. It's become such a problem, that insurance companies are taking notice, and most have realized that insureds need protection.

Erie Insurance has an endorsement that can be added to a homeowners policy called Identity Recovery, which can help customers gain protection. Identity Recover works to restore your credit history, and provides up to $25,000 worth of coverage for both fraud and expense reimbursement.

This means fraudulent charges to credit cards or bank accounts; the cost to refile applications for loans or other credit instruments; certain legal fees; and even miscellaneous expenses associated with recovering your identity can be covered by this endorsement.

Additionally, through this endorsement, Erie has case management specialists that can assist you in restoring your identity by: contacting credit bureaus to place a fraud alert on the credit file; ordering copies of credit reports to review recent activity; and even closing suspect accounts that may have been tampered with or fraudulently opened.

Honestly, it's a really nice piece of coverage, and I feel it's worth your while to talk to your agent about it. Today, so many of our personal details, accounts, and devices can be accessed via the Internet. It's important to protect yourself from identity theft.