Product Spotlight: Erie's Service Line Coverage

By: William Forbes

What is it?

Service Line Coverage is a new product available to ErieSecure Home customers when they add the select or plus bundles to their policy. It provides coverage for damaged exterior utility lines or pipes. These can include cable, internet, or electrical lines; or, gas, septic, or sewer lines. Erie's Service Line Coverage protects clients from the financial responsibility of paying to repair or replace utility lines on their property.


Home insurance policies don't typically provide coverage for service lines from the curb until they enter the structure of the home. Instead of paying for multiple service contracts through utility companies, or having no protection at all, Erie's Service Line Coverage protects customers through their homeowners policy.

Additionally, Erie's coverage is better than protection purchased through typical utility contracts, with higher limits of coverage, fewer limits on what is covered and no waiting period.

Please get in touch with us if you have questions about Erie's Service Line Coverage.